Thursday, 8 March 2007

Rosa has left the building!

Well today My colleague and part time fun monkey Rosa is leaving the company and moving on to pastures new! (Well movin on anyway)

She's not a bad sort, she's quite funny (looking) and is very entertaining! and on a slow day it's good fun to throw things at her!
So we'll miss her strange laugh and eccentric ways! (once in a while she actually does some work)

Good luck Rosa!

P.s She is also looking for a bloke, she's not fussy and anything will do!
She can cook, entertain and she does yoga so is quite flexible, she also looks good with a fake mustache!
She likes long walks on the beach and puppies! She also likes Holywood for some weird reason!

(She should never be allowed to sing, she is tone-def!)


Laura said...

I don't know Rosa except through this blog but I thought it might be nice for us all to say goodbye to her by telling everyone our favourite Rosa moments...Mine has to be the comment she made on the "Grapples". GENIUS....

"Rosa said...
I like the taste of apples but prefer the eating of grapes, maybe we could have apple flavoured grapes?? But then they would have to be called 'apes' and that might be confused with the big monkey type thing. Hmmm... life is tough."

What's your favourite Rosa Moment?

Rosa said...

Thanks Laura, I feel honoured that one the doesn't even know me feels i am part of her blogging life!

And Gohir, G-Unit, The G Dog... Thank you for dedicating todays blog to me! Fantastic... But, boys, please be aware I am not as desperate as Gohir makes out... I am a happy single!!

Gohir said...

Shut up Rosa!