Friday, 23 March 2007


I'm now gonna be off for about a week, but if I'm near a computer i'll try and blog!
I'll be in Manchester this weekend and then lounging in my lounge suit for the rest of the week probably in the lounge, in fact that reminds me of the old Maori phrase "Ka timu te tai, ka pao te torea, ka ina te harakeke a Hine-kakai" (The oyster catcher swims when the tide is ebbing and the flax of Hine-kakai burns)

But we should remember "Mehema koe ka tuoho, meinga ki te maunga tetei" (If you should bow to greatness, let it be to a lofty mountain)

But i will throw up some random posts today.

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johnny adair said...

right ye are. reminds me of a norn iron phrase - 'wind yer neck in, mucker!'