Tuesday, 6 March 2007


Everybody loves good neighbours, well my neighbour laura who lives about 20 miles from me has just told me:
Little Britain's Lou and Andy will be appearing in Neighbours.
You may know the characters Toadie, Steph and Pepper and the location of the Scarlet Bar, but if you don't, the news will mean little to you.


Aural said...

OH MY GOD! No way!

That Laura is soooo full of interesting information. And how fabulous and "finger on the pulse" of you to post about it.

Am so excited I just can't wait to see that episode.

dickie davis said...

isn't aural an anagram of....laaru? and isn't erinsborough an anagram of nerighbours...this is getting heavy, i need a rest.

Rosa said...

Gohir, i have a really interesting fact... do you realise that you are my neighbour in the office! Wow! See in in lassiders and co for a drinky-poo!