Thursday, 8 March 2007

Lunch with Laura and also Kara!

Добрый день! (Dobry den'!) That's Good day in russian for my russian readers, and yes there are many!

I met the lovely Laura (from the comment page, although i do know Laura from before and she's not some randomer from my blog)(although if you are good looking and read my blog and are a fit looking lass feel free to contact me) and Kara today for lunch at the Yard, It was a civil affair with tales of yore and salutations all around, We had a delightful lunch and my libation was delightful!

But the most interesting thing was that as we were wondering down the street after lunch Kara pointed out a car made of grass! It was the best thing i have ever seen in Holywood! (cause Holywood sucks!)

It looked a bit like the one in the pic but smaller with no cow but it was an Innocent smoothie van!


Rosa said...

I feel that you said a lot about Laura there and maybe did not give Kara the same respect... sort it Gohir! Equal rights!

P.S. I am a hot girl, but you already know that, and i don't care to contact you!

Gohir said...

Thank fuck you won't contact me! and remember i would rather pour bleach into mmy eyes than see u naked!

Laura said...

Gohir is only feeding my ego, he knows that I'd be offended if he didn't write much about me, but Kara is much more modest and not as desperate for attention...Or something that explains it just as well, but makes me sound less needy and sel obsessed.

Rosa said...

Well in that case, Gohir please write about me, i am needy and self obsessed too!

Rosa said...

P.S. I did a whole blog on you!