Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Wee Houses!

I can't afford a house anywhere in our great and green island! (Well i can but then there would be no point to this post and that would mean it's been too long since i last posted which has annoyed some of my loyal readers!)

So i have found these Little Houses that are already made and can be brought to wherever you want! And they only cost $45,000 or 22,500 roughly of our pound sterling!

So why not locate one of these in the middle of the mountains, lake or Sheugh and have a spanky new cabin?
Complete factory-built dwellings that arrive on trucks ready to live in.
Available as studios, one- and two-bedroom, kitchen/living, sleeping, and stair models.
Can be customized or combined to fit any need
On-site work includes the foundation, utility hookups (sewer, water or electrical supply), and simple fitting of the modules.

I'm gonna buy three and build me a little house on the prairie!


Anonymous said...

It's just a posh caravan... get yourself a real house you gypo!

Gohir said...

They are known as "members of the travelling community" Rosa! You nob!