Wednesday, 7 February 2007

I'm annoyed!

I'm really starting to get pissed off at Holywood (pronounced Hollywood)
It's over priced!
Fuck all to do!

Maybe it's the winter and the fact that it is cold and not snowing that is putting me in the Holywood hating mood or the fact that i have had to eat a bloody egg and cress sandwich from Tesco's cause I'm broke! But I'm really not in the "I love Holywood mood"!

On a brighter note i did find this song that i have not heard in years by a french group called Alliance Ethnik! it's a really cool catchy song, very mellow and relaxing. It's cheered me up a bit.


Anonymous said...

Holywood, Holywood la la la... I love Holywood, get with it Gohir, you style award going nutter!
Go fix your B&B and that will earn you some money... and quit complaining!

Gohir said...

Here Rosa....... Fuck Up!

Stop trying to be Gary! you ain't got the class!

Herman Rice said...


1) The lunch options are fine and in some cases excede Belfast in quality and price. i'm talking about Cafe Kino, Ventners, The Yard etc. And if you want to sit in somewhere the Attic, Dirty Duck or Lapamanzes will sort you out with everything from a big dirty fry-up to green curries.

2) There are plenty of things to do. have you been in the Library? Have you taken a crisp midday walk by the sea as the Seacat cruises past? Spent a happy hour or two at Church View brothel - surely the best knocking shop in the North Down constituency.

3) Nightlife. It's terrible, undefendable. However you're not that far from Belfast.

4) Beautiful. Not content with having beautiful picturesque scenery, Holywood also has an extraordinary number of beauticians. You can even get a tit-job. Ballymoney this ain't.

5) MILFs. It is unarguably the best place for hot-mamma's...yum.

6) Swinging. It is no secret that Holywood is Ulster's Capital of Swing. Since a Sunday World expose in the late 80's Holywood has been known as middle-class-middle-aged sex just have to know the right people....