Friday, 2 February 2007

This is Gary

This is Gary!

The thorn in my side!
My online critic!
My Darth Vader to obi wan
My arch-nemesis!
Not my ying to his yang!
The devil in the red dress!


Anonymous said...

He's hot... have you got his number?

revelle anderson said...

dial 999 baby and ask for the fire brigade - yup, he's THAT hot...mama-mia he's one spicy meatball!

fenian supersta' said...

get out of the's Gary What's On!!!

Laura said...

does he really wear a red dress?

gary said...

Yes Laura this is true. Don't think that i draw the line at just red dresses though, i've been known to dabble in black evening gowns, mary quant style mini's and the odd sequin number. how about you laura, what are you wearing right now?

Laura said...

Why Gary, it's the usual office garb. Wellington boots, green of course, a Superman Cape and thermal underwear. Well it is cold out there.