Friday, 2 February 2007

Ice hockey with Glo and not Simon!

Ni hao (Hello in mandarin)

Zai xing xi mian fei da cheng ta ren bian che de shou ce

My good friend Glo managed to score a couple of tickets to see the Belfast Giants ice hockey match, so she invited me as everyone else turned her down! (she smells of cat pee!) they were playing against Manchester Phoenix last night, now i was in a bit of a quandary in who i should support in last nights game! I love Manchester and lived there when i was younger, or should i support my country team, a bit like the Cricket test from Conservative MP Norman Tebbit in 1990.

"A large proportion of Britain's Asian population fail to pass the cricket test. Which side do they cheer for? It's an interesting test. Are you still harking back to where you came from or where you are?"

I decided my loyalties ran with my country so Belfast Giants it was!! Go Giants!.....

.......Dozy bunch of bastards lost 2-1!
They fruited about like a bunch of figure skaters performing Dora the Explorer on ice! at one point of the match the goalkeeper had left the ice rink! maybe i need to brush up on my ice hockey rules but i don't think he should have done that!

So anyway, after we went to the Odyssey to watch skimpily dressed young ladies waiting in the queue to get in the Box, then on to the Limelight to watch a band called The Tides who were really good and managed by my friend Fergal, had a beer mat fight with Glo and then went home to try and pack for my trip to London tonight!


jerry baber said...

best blog entry yet. textbook stuff sir, well done. it had a political angle off-set by a unassuming charm and self-deprecating wit, sports news, rock n fuckin roll which has hitherto been overlooked in gohirs way of life and most interestingly - sexual intrigue! a beer mat fight with a pretty young maiden...that's some serious loved-up uber-flirting if ever i heard it. you've really up the ante here gohir, more of this sort of thing. i will stay tuned to your station, i've got you on my radar, my ear is on your ground, big 10-4 rubber duck, i'm in yer corner, i am locked on sir, i'm hooked on your drug, i'm your psychic siamese twin, etc etc.

Gohir said...

Thanks Gary, i now write mmy blogs with you in mind now.

Anonymous said...

I like the gentle tease into the next blog, when no doubt, we will hear of the goings on in LUN-DUN!

keith leibling said...

don't get too excited...i think that gohir has peaked with this post and the london post will be the same ol' shite about small cute animals and scarves. hopefully he'll do a bill bryson style expose on the contemporary culture of this cosmopolitan enigma, but alas i fear the worst - musings on how bigger mcdonald restaurants are in the big smoke and such dross. i'll wait with baited cheesy breath.

Major Joseph P Dellavedova, Chief Public Affairs US Air Force (call me sir godammit!) said...


It has come to my attention that The Gohir Way of Life is being hijacked by undesireables... that's YOU Private Campbell-Blight! pack that shit in, y'hear me?! Jesus H Christ Private, ain't you got nuttin' better to do you double-barrelled bastid? cease and desist private or you'll be on latrine duty until yo momma's ol' meat is out of date.

ps - excellent blog go-here, you can be my wing-man any time.