Thursday, 22 February 2007

High or Low?

I'm in a conundrum on what to write about today, Should i go high or low brow?
Some of my listeners like the high brow stuff i blog about but others enjoy the low end stuff.

So here is what i am gonna do, i will scour the web and come back to you later.

In the mean time amuse yourselves with a picture of a bush and my mate Dessie throwing up.


Laura said...

I think I quite fancy that Dessie.....

Bruce Foresight said...

idea for new television: 'Browsing with Gohir Manzoor' - the title is a pun on Brow (ie forehead) and the verb browse (ie to browse through someones underwear drawer). It'll be a basic gameshow format with contestants battling against each other to score points and win the game. Gohir invites the contestants to answer questions on either a Low Brow topic (standard point scoring here) or go for a High Brow topic (double points). He has randomly googled said topics and has a big sack of questions for each category. I haven't fully worked it all out yet, but it progresses along a Play Your Cards Right stylee with Gohir asking the players to yell out 'High Brow' or 'Low Brow' and Gohir responds by spinning around some people/mannequinns who have their backs to the players before the spin and then are revealed as having a High Brow (receding hairline) or low brow (fringe). needs some work i think you'll agree, all suggestions welcome....

Gohir said...

Well Laura, He is a truly amicable fellow and has many redeeming qualities!

I'll put in a good word for you.

Gohir said...

Thats not a bad idea! Let's quickly copywrite it before other do!™

I'll write up a proposal now and we'll pitch it to BBC NI or do you think it is more Challenge Tv?

This idea has now been tradmarked and copywritten to me and Gary!™©®℗℠

Laura said...

I think it's definitely more Challenge TV than BBC.

As always the hook lies in the presenter - you need a real personality, a real driving force, someone with a good voice for the High Brow, Low Brow shouting out and obviously a dollybird co-presenter with hair and tits and that - will leave that to you as am not really a connoisseur. But i'm thinking more Jodie Marsh than Carol Vorderman. More Danielle Lloyd than Debbie Magee.

And for the presenter;

Richard Madeley
Shane Ritchie
Dick from Dick and Dom
Brian Connolly (too obvious??)
Vernon Kaye
Anthony Cotton (that fella from Corrie who won Soapstar Superstar)

And by the way I'll happily accept a With Thanks To credit.

horace mercer said...

good thinkin' laura! there's lots to work with there. have to ask why not dom (from dick n dom)? also i think we should shoot for the stars initially, your list has a lot of 'd list' pish? never mind who might do it who do we WANT? i've compiled a list too, have a look at this:

tony blair (out of a job soon, may consider branching into tv)

ian brady (if he's still alive)

muhammed ali (having someone who's a mentally retarded celeb would really get 'em laughing, and he has that commanding voice that you were after, albeit it's a little slow these days)

russell brand (just so we can get him to audition and then tell him to fuck away off.)

paula radcliffe/ellen mcarthur (we turn cliches on their head by getting a really flat-chested dollybird)

Laura said...

Hi Horace. Think really for the ethos of the show Dom from Dick and Dom has a less funny name, and I like the idea of having a Dick host this fabulous game show - balls, just realised we do - it's called "Browsing with Gohir Manzoor".

Gohir said...

You two fuckers are gonna get a beating from me!

mike edgar said...

Gohir's dead wood Laura, lets ditch him. i don't think he has the x factor to pull off a show like this...get me dom on the line, NOW GODDMIT!!!

Si said...

I could speak to Dick and / or Dom and see if they would be interested?

eddie large said...

that's it simon, put the call in, tell him it's gonna be big. tell him this is gonna catipult him into the living rooms of the nation at PRIME TIME, BABY! tell him it's gonna get him all the chicks he ever dreamed of and that we can arrange for paula radcliffe and ellen mcarthur to put on a 'show' just for him if he fancies...tell him we'll make him such a big star that we guarantee he'll be booked into the priory before the years out. actually tell him whatever he wants to hear because the other option is gohir and he don't have the legs to push a showbiz vehicle like this...gohir's more your citybeat sort of celeb.

Rosa said...

Could you not have got him to throw up in the bush?