Tuesday, 6 February 2007

BeanBurger Update!

I was in London over the weekend and had to catch a train to the airport from Liverpool street, had a half an hour to kill so i decided to get something to eat and walked passed the Burger King! Lo and behold they are selling the BeanBurger and a fish burger!

Bastards! Are they telling me lies? are they only not selling it in Northern Ireland?
I'm very annoyed! I will need to get this sorted!

So stay tuned for another update!


quentin crisp said...

er, you were in london, multi-cultural metropolis, you could have found any number of top quality veggie restaurants and you decided to check out burger king? right ye are mate.....

Gohir said...

I only said i saw they were selling them! i did eat in some fine establishments whilst in London u bastard!