Wednesday, 14 February 2007


It's now been a month and a half and i'm still suffering from insomnia.

Sleep is beyond my grasp
I’m falling fast
Into the black night
Where no dreams give me fright

Lying in my bed at 3am
Staring up at the ceiling
I’ve lost all feeling
I need to sleep
No need to creep

I toss and turn without cease
Need to release the beast
Need to rest my mind
For more than a few minutes at a time

Insomnia is my cruel mistress
Showing no mercy, taunting me
No sound not even a peep
I need to sleep, I need to sleep


Laura said...

Gohir, take a leaf out of the Faithless book of dealing with Insomnia - smoke weed when you need to and you need to get some sleep.

My brother suffered from insomnia for nearly 8 months, eventually he worked out the only thing that got him to sleep was singing the songs from Grease over and over again in his head. So you could try that?

Or a final alternative...I got some pills in South Africa called Insomnil for the plane - they aren't sleeping pills per se, just over the counter, but stronger than Nytol type pills, I can let you some if you like?

Now how's that for constructive, sympathetic advice?

Gohir said...

It's good advice, except i really hate Grease! Man i hate that movie, i think it stemmed from when i was made to watch the school play of Grease!

But i will try some other remedies. I'm now not feeling well.

Oh woe is me.

proddy superstar said...

perhaps if you didn't spend the night composing ropey ol' poems the you may get some sleep, non?
anyway, at least something creative is coming from it...i sleep very well and it's a pain in the arse. i know that sounds like i'm basically going na-nan-nah-na-neh-i-can-sleep-and-you-can't but i would like to be able to cope with less sleep, alas that is my afliction. there are things that i'd like to do early in the morning but never will be able to because my batteries aren't properly topped-up. i would like to be a duracell, but the truth is i'm every ready - runs fine when it's fresh out of the pack but after a couple of hours it starts to slow up and then dies.
anyway, it's easy to moan and whine about nonsense here, let's have some fun. in keeping with todays gohir blog - blohir if you will (TM Gary Watson) - i want to see a list of songs with a sleep theme. faithless has been discussed to we'll discount that, here's a few to kick us off

lion sleeps tonight - tight fit
sleepers union - (my mates band from derry)
talking in your sleep - ? (some woman 1980's)
i'm so tired - the beatles

Laura said...

Songs -

Sleep by Texas
Sick and Tired by Anastasia
Insomnia by Feeder (is that cheating?)

Can't think of anymore - obviously because no more exist. Wasted 20 minutes though trying to think so nice one proddy superstar

proddy superstar said...

nice one laura, glad you're havining fun. gohir - wake up and paly with us sleepyhead!

wake up- arcade fire
waking up - elastica
eyes open - snow patrol
tears on my pillow - kylie minogue (not strictly anything to do with sleep depravation but i think we can allow any connections to beds etc, is there a band called the duvets? if not, lets form one! yeah!

Simon said...
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Si Si Super Si said...

I reckon the reference to needing to release the best makes you sound like a dirty old perv.

Gohir said...

Are you all taking the piss, i'm in a state of hell! sleep deprivation is a killer you know! Well Gary might kill me if i keep on singing anyway whilst in my tired stupor!

Gohir said...

Simon, that was me being artictic, i thought it sounded dark.

Gohir said...

artistic, apologies for my spelling