Friday, 9 February 2007

Style Awards

To my Mongolian brethren Sain baina uu, Jorlon haana baina ve?
They are avid readers to the Blog of Gohir!

So anyway, Last night was the Ulster Tatler style award in Cafe Vaudeville which i was graciously invited to, So myself and the sidekick John boy went down in our better than average clobber (but not to flash to the point it looked like we were going to a wedding)

There was free drink to keep John amused and an abundance of fit birds to keep me amused, (not that i am saying that John is an alcho and I'm a man whore!) There was the usual motley crew of Belfast's movers and shakers, we mingled and minced and traversed the room and met a few friends we haven't seen in a while, It was a bit slow and me and John did arrive halfway through the awards and could not see what was happening but overall a good night out.

That's Ralph McLean and Terry Bradley over in that pic.

I also met an old mate from when i was about 17, it was me old mucker Patsy who was looking glam-o-rama last night! and is now married and provides stress relief to people! Don't know how she does it but I'm assuming it comes with a happy finish! She works for Wellness NI, check them out if your stressed t'fuck!
That's John and Patsy in the pic, they do look better in real life! In this pic they look deranged!


baps said...

Anna-Nicole Smith died today Gohir. i thought you'd have more respect for her, her family and the american nation as a whole than to blog about something as shallow as the tatler style (oxymoron anyone?) awards.
this lady was an inspiration to us all. she was the american dream, she came from nothing to become somebody who made a goddam difference in this world. this was a lady who wasn't afraid to get her hands dirty, wasn't afraid to become a success despite the haters and bullies, who wasn't afraid of the evil tabloid press, who wasn't afraid of putting an 89 year old penis in her mouth.
Anna-Nicole, you were a lady and an inspiration, you've led a significant life - RIP sweet princess.

Anonymous said...

god your womans a bit tastey from them there style awards,do you actually know any ugly people personally gohir? bet a girl like that wouldnt be too long on the shelf...