Thursday, 8 February 2007

Last Night

For all my Swahili readers out there! Jambo! Habari gani? Haraka haraka haina baraka!
I like to include everyone!

So anyway, after a hard days work i went to meet my chums Uel and my cousin at the old Botanical inn! I can fairly say it was a night full of many omens! Weird stalker woman (my cousin has this really weird stalker bird after him) were scaring us and crazy folk from fermanagh were coming up and talking weird shit to us, What were they trying to tell us? is it that we are too cool and women love us, or is it that we are too cool and women love us?

Then i was on my way home and i saw a fox and a ferret side by side ambling down the motorway, what does it mean? I think it means that we are on the wrong astral plane and uranus has been aligned with the Pluto the satellite formerly known as a planet.

I feel there is going to be strange times ahead!


Alistair Queda said...


I ignored this yesterday, I can't today. I feel compelled to have a go, put the boot in, twist the knife, string you up etc etc.
i've been re-evaluating some of my comments on this blog Gohir and I decided to wind my neck in a bit. Some of them have been a bit cheeky at best and at worst absolutely vicious and anally confronational and no one likes a absolute vicious confrontationalist anus. However (and there's always a however) you've taken it too far my good man, you've overstepped the mark, you've cooked your goose, you've turned it up to eleven, you've got bogged in the blog as it were.
I'm takling about the arrogance bordering on smug hubris.
that's right.
Hark ye back to yesterday, you explain to us how to pronounce Holywood. Who? after a few weeks blogging (solid regular blogging, granted) you really thing you have a fanbase of internationals who would be scratching their heads over this, eh? Out of respect I overlooked this, but not after today's little sprouting of rock-starish grand-standing. A foreign language, what? this is unacceptable. when this comments page fills up with responses from your global audience then you may converse with them in any language you like but whilst its gonna be me, rosa, simon, leah, glo, laura and er, fenian superstar from the bbc, you keep it real.
as me ol' granny used to say - dinnae ferget the bowl ye were baked in!

Laura said...

gohir - a ferret on the motorway? no chance.

Gohir said...

Well it looked like a ferret or some sort of long elongated animal