Tuesday, 13 February 2007


I think a lot of women can do with These! A great invention!

Link via: TrendHunter.com


germaine greer said...

cue barrage of abuse thrown at the sexist, eh ladies? anyone?

Laura said...

i decided to check out what indeed these were and was confronted with a tit. as tits go i'm sure it was a perfectly nice one, but not truly what i was expecting....though god only knows why, gohir you do love the breasts.

Gohir said...

It was a saggy tit, but then she stuck the old sticky stuff on it to give it lift and to make them look pert!

You have to watch the video!

Laura said...

i did, and indeed it was miraculous the change that took place, but was not truly expecting to be confronted with said tit! but i should have know, you would only post such a thing if there were actual tits involved, and not simply an aid to pertness!

Gohir said...

But i posted it to help all those ladies out their with saggy boob syndrome, This will change the world! I posted for the greater good!

The video was just a bonus