Monday, 4 December 2006

A wee rant!

Belfast Bastard International Airport!

I had to leave a friend to the airport yesterday and their flight was delayed which was a Sleazy jet (Easy Jet) problem, but what got my goat (what a strange saying! i don't even have a goat!) was that at 6.30 most of the food places in the airport shut down!
The smoothie place shut! but the bird at the counter was quite fit!
Burger King had technical difficulties (their words not mine) so it didn't do anything apart from chicken! I wanted a Bean burger, didn't get one!
The little food court was shit so we got a sandwich, tried to get an apple but they were actually all old and rotten! bleurgh!
I was also told that Starbucks was shut on the other side of the gate!

This ain't good Belfast International Airport! you need to sort this shit out! Verdict: total crap food facilities!

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