Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Not in the city!

(see! my title is a play on words, "Hot in the city" by Billy Idol)

Where i work is based outside the city of Belfast, now to many people that ain't gonna make much of a difference because in terms of cities Belfast is a one horse city! But i like it and I'm starting to miss it, Belfast was like Cheers (everybody knows your name) i miss wondering around during my lunch times, going into the city centre and wondering into the shops and saying hello, stopping for a chat with folk you meet on the street!

I miss the range of food you can get (sick of sandwiches) i miss doing lunch with my mates.

I know I'm only 5 miles away but i miss old Belfast.

1 comment:

Si said...

You really make me laugh you crazy cat. You should come back and work for the BBC! Then we could go to McD's for lunch!