Monday, 11 December 2006

Simon's Stalker!

What a strange title you may say, or you may say what a crazy bastard Gohir is! But either way what a crazy Saturday night it was!
Me and the Simon decided to go out on Saturday night and we had a dilemma to where we would start off with as we had to meet some ladies in the Potthouse later on in the night.

So we decided we start at the Bot and make our way toward the Potthouse frequenting many public houses on the way! So started in the Bot, no ladies in there,.... then the Parlour for one, no ladies in there,..... then the Fly , ladies yes, good looking? No!..... then Whites Tavern, ladies yes, goodlooking? some!..... but we decided to move on to the Whig where it was busy and where we stopped off for one, then about 12am we moved on to the Potthouse where we met my friends Glo, Carli and Lyndsey (they don't have any website, so i cant link to them, but they are good looking for those who want to know)

Well at this stage Simon and i were both merry, and some random bird came up to Simon in the Potthouse and said she knew him! she said she knew him from his myspace page and his Blog ! Man, she knew everything about him including all his family and the address of his Flickr website! Proper stalker material!
Readers I'm not ashamed to say i was afraid! she knew all about him! She was also not bad looking and i told Simon he should have tried it on, but he was a bit scared!

So anyway she buggered off somewhere (maybe to look at his website or to worship him at her shrine) so we stayed on and Simon met some bird from New Zealand (she was cute), but her fat ugly mate (who was fat and ugly) threw a spanner in the works, so he got no-where! Fat Ugly mates should not be allowed to have any say in who you snog! it should be made law!

So we went home, i got a kebab and Simon got chinese.

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