Tuesday, 5 December 2006

Little Short Dudes

Hello and welcome to another edition of the Blog they call Gohir!

I thought i would tell you what i would like for Christmas,
What i want is a small person! Now in some circles they may be called midgets or dwarfs or person of restricted growth but i like to call them little short dudes!

Now they have always intrigued me since a James Bond baddie had a little short chinese dude called "Nick Nack" who killed people, So i have decided if i ever won the National Lottery i would hire a midget butler preferably chinese and buy a huge house and make all these little tunnels running through it where my little butler can run through them when ever i need him!

So if i ever needed a sandwich he would be there with a silver tray and my cheese sandwich instantaneously! If i ever need anyone decapitated he would do it, shoelaces tied he's my man! How brilliant would that be?

Oh and i also love midget wrestling in Mexico!

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