Friday, 8 December 2006

Panto Time!


Last night i had a brilliant surprise from my friend Christine, she had got us tickets to see Peter Pan the panto at the Grand Opera House! Woohoo! i have not been to panto since i was in primary school and it was Jack in the beanstalk!

So anyway, me, Christine, Simon and Jill went to the panto and had a fantastic time shouting BOOOO! and "He's behind you" and other panto related shoutings! Then we went to the Garrick bar to meet the Inside Out Crew who were on their Xmas do, stayed there for 10 mins and went to the Apartment bar, then back to the Garrick and then to Thompson’s Garage nightclub!

Had a great night out and then went to the Kebab House where we got a spot of tiffin before retiring for the night!

There are pictures but on Simon's Site.

P.s Jill is going on a Christmas adventure to Australia for 3 weeks! so have a great time Jill and you have to send e-mails back!

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