Wednesday, 6 December 2006

The cinema with Borat and Glo!

Salutations and look after your donkey.

So last night me and Glo (Glo’s real name is Gillian and is called Glo because…… sorry I can’t say why she is Glo) but anyway we went to the cinema last night to see…… Borat!
Let me first say that I am a HUGE Borat fan, as well as a fan to of all of Sacha’s characters, and my expectations for this movie were high.

Now let me say this, my expectations were not only blown away, but this is THE Borat movie every single fan has been dying to see. Rather than give a synopsis of the film, which I would not want to ruin the experience for you readers of my blog, I am going to talk about why I feel this is the best comedy that has come out in a long time!

The humor in this movie is not intended for everyone. Many people will find it offensive. This is one of the things I enjoyed most about this film. Comedy for me is not about being able to laugh just at someone or something, but to be able to laugh at yourself.
Borat pokes fun at gays, Jews, Christians, gypsies, bears, and about anything else you can possibly think of. But understanding that his comments are only intended to bring out the best, or worst, reactions from people is what makes it hilarious.

I nearly choked on my Nachos and cheese (which weren’t that good last night).I laughed so hard that I made myself sweat unnaturally like a fat man in sauna.
It was so funny, you have to love those crazy bastard Americans for being so gullible and daft. Why the frig would they believe half the stuff he said and done!

After the movie I kicked Glo out at her house and went to John’s house to listen to Miles Davis cause we is cool!

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