Tuesday, 29 May 2007


I've always been fascinated with those who hang trophy animal heads on their walls. Yes, I understand that you were able to kill an animal that was drinking from a pond from a hundred yards under total concealment. Congrats on that achievement and it's a good thing you'll be eating the animal too, since we wouldn't want to run out of beef at any of the endless grocery stores on every corner. Also I realize it's important to control the populations of these animals, yet the over-population of weirdo humans who still hang trophy heads on their walls goes unchecked. Although they do appeal to me and i have always wanted a stuffed bear that's standing on it's hind legs! It's my secret shame!

I know there is something deeply iconic about hanging the head of an animal on your wall, so I found an interesting alternative. The cool hand-molded Trophy Deer Light may not have real fur, but it's definitely a stylish design and at least can light up a room. However on the other hand, the $5,900 price tag could buy plenty of ammo to fight back against the animals that have always been actively trying to attack and destroy us, the sinister legion of killer attack squirrels.

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Laura said...

killer attack squirrels?

what about the infestation of earwigs.....that is much more sinister. everywhere i turn these days there is an earwig following with it's strange and dangerous looking pincers and antennae.

no forget about the squirrels - they are not the ones we need to worry about.