Wednesday, 2 May 2007


I like it when someone does interesting art.

What is the artist trying to say?
Is the artist trying to say a woman is always going get one over on you?
Or are they saying we love woman to jump on cock?
Does this piece tackles the issues of virility and fantasy in a naive manner?


malcom muggeridge said...

hhhmmm interesting. to me this has an almost darwinistic visual emphasis which serves to satirize men through over-loading the erection with evolutionary profundity...ultimately it satirizes itself and feminist ideology by promoting the penis as the tool (pardon the pun) of human evolution, it is fact as inescapable as air and is thus beyond satire. and beyond artistic merit.

Laura said...

is that woman jumping over a load of giant willies????


gohir said...

Yes she is

john wayne bobbit said...

oh christ...this is just asking for a list! ok folks, a comprehensive list of all tha slang names for the penis, i'll kick us off, eh?:

one-eyed trouser snake
the boy
frodo (that's what gohir calls his)

c'mon laura, you should be a dab hand at this...

Laura said...

Hamish???? Hamish???? Who ever calls it that? I've heard of the "Little Mister" and I thought that really weird, but Hamish????

Other nicknames - heard in drunken conversation - not met in person so to speak!

"The purple headed microphone" (my friend Jackie's boyfriend used to ask her if she wanted to sing into it!)

"The General" - didn't Joey from Friends promote his to The General?

Gohir though seriously "Frodo"? That's Not Right.

just making them up now said...

love ferrit
sex hose
flesh wizard