Tuesday, 22 May 2007

The Future Is Bright.

I like this article that's happening in America:
"Hollywood's emerging crop of online talent scouts are dedicated to discovering talent online, matching up creators of obscure Web videos with the online divisions of traditional media companies, portals, and ad agencies, all of them hungry to try a new sort of storytelling. Meet the HIT MEN."

There is not enough innovation in Tv as the broadcasters in Northern Ireland are playing it safe, but if they stick with the same story they need people who can tell it in a different way!
And that's why places like YouTube are gold-mines, there are people on there doing real innovative stuff, new and fresh ideas, innovative ways of filming and storytelling, they are being allowed to do what they want and the way they want and that is what is needed here.

I only have experience of the media in Northern Ireland and a lot of the media here is controlled by a load of dinosaurs, old timers who have been there for a long time and have the same boring ideas and ways of doing things!
I was told recently by a senior producer in BBC NI that they not the BBC don't believe that the internet will make a difference to Tv or Radio! and i thought holy fuck this is a worrying state of affairs! (just wanted to throw that in there cause it really annoyed me)

I'm a big believer of giving new blood a chance and we need these people to come up through the ranks and be given a chance to see what they can do, they are the future of Broadcasting and if they're given a go i say Tv will be a more exciting place!

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