Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Talking Shit or doing a Shit?

Have you ever seen a real Shit Box? I’m not using the term as an adjective for the cardboard, I’m just relaying the Product name. The portable toilet is for those moments when you get the urge for number two on the road, but don’t have access to a proper toilet and many a time that does happen!

“The box pops up from a convenient flat pack to a rigid, reusable, comfortable toilet,” the Brown Corporation describes. “Each box comes with ten degradable poo bags.”

Just like you wouldn’t leave your dog’s poop on the side of the road you shouldn’t leave a heap of your own poo either. Instead of scooping, just do your business right in the, er, stool-shaped box to avoid making a mess.

I think i will have to buy one.


Mrs. Poops said...

Looks pretty good to me!

Gohir said...

It might come in handy when a young lady is caught short!