Sunday, 1 June 2008

Because waiting for the bus should be fun!


Alan in Belfast said...

It's wonderful. I'd use Translink if they had bus shelters like this.

Which city/country?

Gohir said...

It was Michigan in America, I don't know why but it looks nice and cosy

Michigan fan said...

Wooooooooooo Michigan!

Dr Doublede said...

It is the whole big mellon thing. Big mellons are always cosy. I like Big mellons they make me happy.

the real gary watson said...

looks great but that thing would last approximately 3.76 seconds in Belfast before it resembled a pulped watermelon.
they should build houses like this really, imagine living inside a big pineapple or a bananna...not sure how you could live inside a bananna, maybe it should serve as an example of a fruit which should never be a house.

Man from Del Monte said...

you gotta love the way that the more traditional bench still remains out front of the melon...for the more discerning bus traveller who who insist that they are not raped of their dignity by having to wait inside a huge comedy fruit.

baby in the corner said...

it's a fabulous. reminds me of the line in dirty dancing "i carried a watermelon" that movie. love patrick swayze, though am terribly sad to find out about his health problems. remember jennifer gray's big nose? still she pulled through at the end eh? nobody puts baby in a corner and all that. anyway, i'd like to sit in that watermelon bus shelter if it was raining and eat lemon bon bons. it would make my day.

barry norman said...

a list of movies featuring watermelons:

Day of the Jackal - brilliant use of watermelons for target practice. splat!

Naked Gun - absolutely hillllllllarrrrrrrious use of watermelons in nudge-wink, aren't they a bit like boobies kinda fashion. exquisite.

American Pie - that wee boy puts his tadger inside one doesn't he? oh no, sorry, he fucks an apple pie. genius.

Gohir Manzoor's Scortched Undies said...

also see:

El Mariachi - In the opening scene out hero buys a slice of watermelon from a roadside stall. To be fair this is pretty peripherial in terms of plot and intrigue.

Out if Sight - Makes use of the tune 'Watermelon Man' in the soundtrack. Tenuous.

ricky mceldowney said...

10 ways that you can eat eggs:

...ach fuck! i've totally over-reached myself. sorry folks.

Eggy McEgg said...

Hard Boiled!

Wolverine from Eggs Men said...

Over Easy

Melony Eggletine said...

With a little watermelon on the side...

Gohir said...

This blog gets weirder and weirder everyday!

son of rufus said...

Watermelon bus stops
Prostitutes in handcuffs
biometric-sexuals with nipple rings
these are a few of my favourite things

cardboard shit boxes
aimless blog nonsense
tempting me out of the closet in spring
these are a few of my favourite things

alan in belfast
fuckin' wiped out on buckfast
masturbating over lord of the rings
these are a few of my favourite things