Friday, 2 May 2008

Not a bad advert

How long would it take you to shear your lawn with your razor blade? Impossible, right? With your shaver, probably, but hey, if you had a Bic, maybe not!

This creative “Grass Cutter” Billboard for Bic razors is an awesome example of guerrilla marketing. The only issue with something like this is getting people to the area—no doubt those who are in the vicinity will notice it, but where do you place something like this to ensure it gets the right exposure?

Bic placed this ad in Japan, and I guess if they want to ensure its impact, the daily mowing would make it pretty high maintenance!

Those crazy Japanese and their wacky Adverts!
For Gary it is also a advert for the airport strip that some ladies have!


Mr Sword Wilkinson said...

i 'spose if people blog about it then attention is drawn to their grossly inferior shaving product. Gillette! anything else ain't worth shit.

The Blog Authority said...

It would help that you apply a link or enbedded video so those of us who don't watch the adverts can do so now. Please keep to your former blogging standards.