Friday, 2 May 2008

The awesome M2 motorway

To get home from Belfast i have to travel on the M2 motorway which i have grown to love!
Now most of you will probably be thinking "Is Gohir smoking crack again" well no!
I love the stretch of motorway home, it's so entertaining and because it's not the busiest motorway it gives me time to think and look around!

Here's a list of thing i've seen, enjoyed and happened on the motorway:

1) I've had two crashes on the motorway:
One where i hit black ice and smashed into the crash barrier! (intense!)
The other where some spazz drove into the back of me!
2) I have seen a badger sauntering down the hard-shoulder not giving a fuck!
3) I have seen numerous roadkill including:
And loads of other animals!
4) I once saw a cow taking a pee and then another cow putting it's face in the pee stream! (still makes me chuckle to this day!!)
5) Other people being stopped by the filth! (I know they will stop me some day)
6) A giant snowball rolling down the hill and crashing through the fence then landing on the motorway
7) And other stuff that i have forgotten but did enjoy at the time

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