Monday, 17 September 2007

Grand Canyon

Tottaly awesome day!

We drove the 3 hours from Scottsdale to the Grand Canyon! Man it was so awesome!
It's something you can not imagine, you see it on Tv but Tv does it no justice, you need to see it up real! It's mind blowing!

You drive up and you can't see a thing and then Bham! a big fucking huge glorious hole in the ground!

The Canyon is an overwhelming experience, and nothing can prepare you for the sight; superlatives often fail to do the landscape justice.
The Grand Canyon is a massive canyon carved over several million years by the Colorado River. Grand Canyon National Park has an elevation change of nearly 7,000 feet (2130 m) from Point Imperial (at nearly 9,000 feet or 2740 m) to the banks of Lake Mead (at just over 2,000 feet or 610 m).
The canyon itself is, from rim to river over a mile (1610 m) deep. In spots the rock layers exposed in the canyon display over two billion years of geologic history. There is no way that mere words can describe the place. You just have to see it.

Here is a pic of the canyon and me with some Japanese dudes i met!


Rosa said...

Good Wikipedia-ing skills Gohir!!

Gohir Manzoor said...

Shut up Doofus!

Katie Koo said...

Stay in the US, ur blogs are much better out there :0