Thursday, 13 September 2007


Howdy Y'all!

I'm now in the state of Texas! Yee Haw indeed!

We got in today after a couple of days filming in Arizona which i have to say was a really nice place, real nice like! We stayed in Mesa which is near Scottsdale which is really nice, It was gloriously hot and when I say hot I mean real hot, the hot you get in an oven! I was sweating like a whore in a brothel!

Didn't get to take too many pics as we were busy working, which went really well.

So i will leave you at that.


Si said...

Good photos dude! When are you back?

Rev Ivan Foster said...

take a photo of your sweat. a big sweaty armpit, that's what i want to see. also keep an eye out for sweat patches on t-shirt which look like Jesus, this is more common than you'd imagine.