Thursday, 6 September 2007

America Hoozah!

Hello from America again!

I am in (Alberquwerky,) (Albaqeurque), (Albajerky) er.... New Mexico! After a 24 hour journey that involved 3 planes we arrived at our hotel and i am fucked! I feel like a badgers ass that's been lying in the road for 2 days (yes i do know what a badgers ass is like as i was told by a mate who has had experience with badgers!) and am so tired I'm gonna fall asleep writing this!

We are going to drive to Roswell today which should be fun as i want to meet some aliens and Roswell is the alien capital in the world! We are there to do some filming, it's a 3 hours drive but should be a nice scenic route through the desert.

I'm now signing off as i want to catch some zzzzzz's.

Here is a pic of some cactus and palm trees which seem to be plentiful around these parts.

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Mr USPCA said...

What kind of "experience" exactly does your friend have with badgers. I await your response with interest.