Monday, 3 September 2007

Here Kitty!

I've decided i would like a pet, but i want a cool one and one that is unique and i like cats so this is the one for me!

The Ashera is like a mini-Leopard, spots and all, but it's really a cool blend between an African Serval and the Asian Leopard Cat bred with a domestic cat.
This giant house cat can reach weights up to 30 pounds, can be walked on a leash, is highly intelligent and surprisingly gets along well with people and children. The downside of an Ashera is of course the $20,000 price tag


steven philpott said...

Why don't you do the decent thing and buy a goat. it was all the rage last christmas, people were buying each other goats and shit, someone in africa gets to milk it or something, they get milk you can tell people that you own a goat, everyone's a winner. i'm not sure if it actually works like this but it wouldn't surprise me. people get paid a lot of money to come up with hair-brained (what the fuck IS a hair-brain?) schemes to make money or milk for african charities and pander to the altruisitic impulses of the middle classes.
anyway, i was with a man who kept an owl sanctuary once and he told me that the NSPCA once found a silverback gorilla locked up in a shed in a council estate in Larne. In Fucking Larne!! a fully grown gorilla. truly horrific.

Rosa said...

Yes, get a pander, good suggestion Gary, isn't it spelt 'panda' though?? Don't get a weird big cat thing, let them be free, hamsters are nice, I had one called James and another call Lucozade Sport... don't ask!

andy bell said...

Give Gohir a Hamster?? are you nuts, do you know what homosexualists do with small rodents Clue: they put them inside their anus.

Laura said...

you want an emperor penguin gohir -they're the business and i've heard surprisingly easy to keep. all you need is a bucket of fish and abath. or an elephant - now that would be cool. your house has a back garden right? imagine oyu could be the house that everyone comes to see cos there's an elephant in the back garden. there was a man used to keep eagles and he lived on the station road. he had wee perches and everything in the front garden and in the summer holidays we used to go once a week to see them. pretty cool eagles. cannot believe steven philpotts story about hr gorilla in a shed in larne - shocking what happens in larne eh? speaking of gorillas have you seen the new dairy milk advert with the phil collins song and the noble looking gorilla? now thats cool.