Sunday, 30 March 2008

On the Road Again!


Well I'm on the road again traveling across Ireland to do a bit of filming for RTE, I'm in Shannon Town for the next 2 days which is weird as i have not been here for six years, it's changed quite a bit and for the better cause it used to be a real shit hole!
Then we are filming in Lahinch.

I know it's a short post but frankly i have nowt to say, but i'm sure i'll blog more over the week.

Toodle PiP!

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Paddy Ramsforth-Ducksbury said...

Having nowt to say has rarely stopped you blogging before big lad. Indeed I would say that having nothing to see has been the sole premise of this blog which I always took as a post-postmodern indictment of the whole concept of blogging, a pseudo-ironic shrug at po-faced blog kings n queens the world over.
But yeah, enjoy Mexico ya big galoot.