Tuesday, 11 March 2008

A Happy Video

I'd like to share a video from my youth.
It always makes me happy.

And just to say this video was made when i was 11 and she was 16, she was my first crush and it's good to remember innocent days!

Turn the music up and reminisce.

Disclaimer: This is not pedophiliac in any nature! That disclaimer was for you Mr Watson before you comment about it!


ilex youngones said...

aaahhh, the finest perv-pop ever known. well, certainly up there with Serge Gainsbourg writing a nice little pop ditty about the joys of 'lollipops' for a 17 year old France Gall to sing - hehhehe what fun, poor Serge, rest in peace you dirty ol' bastard.

The Cradle Snatcher said...

Dear Deirdre, I mean Dear Gohir,

I am 30 years old. I fancy Zac Efron of High School Musical and Hairspray fame. Do you think he is too young for me?

Please help.


oprah o'winfrey said...

well i guess you could say i fancy him too. let me qualify that - when i say fancy i mean "wish to f**k his brains out. i mean literally f**k them out, i want to see them spurt through the roofof this head like a fireman's hose and as the blood begins to congeal around his forehead like a post-coital crown i want to strike up a cigarette and peer into Zac's eyes and sensually ask him "well...did the earth move for you honey?". then i will laugh like a psycho-loon until i fart like a sex-wizard.
in answer to your question TCS, you have nowt to worry about.

Gohir said...

It just gets weirder!

seamus gravy said...

I *heart* Hairy Fanny.

that's all folks.

TCS said...

As I suspected the Gohir Way of Life Blog was The Place to get the measured advice and respectful understanding that I needed to overcome my deeepseated emotional trauma and concern. I knew that this would be the place where people who truly understood would provide caring and practical views on how to deal with a Zac Efron obsession. Thank you.