Monday, 17 March 2008

Happy Birthday Hoff!

Happy Birthday Hoff!

Saturday Night we all went out for Clare O'Hofferty's Birthday!
Unfortunately at the last moment she could not make it as other events clashed but we decided we would go out for Sushi anyway!

We went to Sakura on Botanic for sushi which was Goooood!
The best thing about it was the fact that the table next to us got little birds made out of carrots! When they were about to leave we asked if we could have them and they said yes!
And now Gary has one attached to his shoulder like a Pirate!
We then headed down to the Duke Of York for a few Cokes and waters!
We substituted the Hoff for Charlie Brown!

So overall a good night of company, sushi and drinky poos!

Happy Birthday Hoff!

Oh and by the way Emma was there too!


Kyle from Hillsborough said...

Emma?? is that the name of the Parrott?

Anonymous said...

Your a Parott!

"L" said...

so you went out for a girls birthday and she didn't go with you but you went anyway?

when i was 17 me and my group of friends did that when our friend "M" couldn't come with, even though it was her birthday. My other friend "P" got off with "M"'s boyfriend that night.

she really should have come with us.