Sunday, 2 November 2008

Vending Machine + Ice-Cream = Awesomeness

One of the loves of my life are weird vending machines!
Like come on a machine that's open 24 hours and vends anything!

This machine combines two of my loves; Vending machine + ice-cream = Awesomness!!

Massachusetts-based company, Moobella have devised a vending machine a bit larger than regular Pepsi and Coke vending machines which uses dry ingredents to aerate, flavor, mix and flash freeze a cup of caramel icecream with walnuts or vanilla with cookies and so on.

"Dry" refers to ingredients that can be transported and stored without the need of special trucks. The modular ingredents are stored in hygenic pouches.

The consumer has to feed money per scoop which will be set by the vendor and using the machine's large LCD touchscreen choose from 12 flavours and five mix ins (nuts, cookie crumbles etc). Fourty five seconds of waiting and the machine delivers a freshly made scoop.

Best thing ever!

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Chef Ed Chester said...

I'm creating a vending machine that gives you a squirrel kebab with choice of nuts, sauces, diseases etc. And squirrel ice cream for dessert, if you so desire.