Monday, 7 April 2008

Public Transport is so not Cool!

Oh My God! What a craazzee day!

The G-Mobile was out of action today so i had to get public transport today!!! Well I have not been on a bus or train for about 7 years and holy shit has the price risen! In my day i remember a single from Belfast to Antrim was £1.70, It's now £3.20!! Bastard Translink and their Buses!

Although it was a fun journey and a new experience of travelling train and bus in one day it's not something i want to do everyday! It's way cheaper to get the car!

I wish the bus was like the one in the picture, it look way more awesome!


Randy McAndy said...

Hmmm. I think it is a bit strange Gohir that you would wish to travel on what is a blatently homosexual bus. But well done for getting in touch with that side of you!

Gohir said...

Dude! It's a small picture but i'm sure there are bikini clad girls on the bus!

bitchface said...

yeah like they'd ever let you on that chance G.

Gay Byrne said...

Leave it out Randy... 'ight!