Wednesday, 23 April 2008

My life is so complicated!

Gemma Atkinson or Holly Valance?

Who shall i pick?
It's such a dilemma being me!!


a girl with big titis said...

gemma atkinon - she has bigger tits.

John Lesley said...

Saw this post yesterday Mr G and because The Atkinson was new to me I reserved judgement until I had 'slept' on it. I am now able to report that it was quite a toss-up between Valance and the new kid however I had to come down on the side of Atkinson. Although that wee minx in an Erinsborough High School uniform would really be something. If anyone can photoshop this for me i will pay handsomely.

I'm glad pussy is back on the agenda on this blog, good healthy sexism has been gone too long.

Max Mosley said...

Oh what a dilemma you put me in you swine. I can’t help but salivate at the thought of Ms, Atkins astride me in a full SS uniform beating me with a Bratwurst sausage and screaming “fick dich” is just about as near Shang-gri-la as a mogul can get.
But I would surly die if Ms. Vallance were to wear nothing but a Hitler tash and suspend me by my nipples with electrodes while she read out loud Mein Kamph in full. I have to meet Michael Schumacher now for a McDonalds but you sir have made my week. Two tickets for the Monaco GP are being sent by Messerschmitt post haste.

Herr Mosley

Anonymous said...

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