Wednesday, 5 December 2007

My Shoe Dilemma

I am having a real dilemma at the moment!!!!

My favorite trainers for the past 3 years are getting harder and harder to find!

They are the Puma Mostro, Truly a wonderful comfortable trainer that looks good.
Puma has stopped making them.
I have even resorted to going to Ebay looking for them.

So if anyone knows where i can get a size 11 tell me or i'm going to poke you in the eye!


Harry Ramage said...

there's a whole world of trainer possibilities out there big man and you've got to go exploring. do you think marco polo was content with this shoes in venice and wanted venician sneakers? fuck no! he went all the way to the far east and checked out there brands. as the first european to arrive in this land you could of course argue that he is responsible for the sweat-shops which eventually sprung up in the 20th centrury to make your much-loved puma trainers but i digress. what is important is the SPIRIT! the thread of conquest which runs from polo through magellan and to manzoor and in fact all of us. and so as it was it will be now - don't wait for the same trainer to find you - go forth and explore trainers, make something of yourself within the quest.
Go my son - GO!

Robert McIlroy said...

i see your predicament and i feel your pain. a similar thing happened to me when i was 14 years old. i used to use a deodorant brand all the time - Lynx Marine, a great brand and a pleasant and effective anti-persperant too. I had been using this for years, it hadn't occured to me to explore others on the market, i felt i had hit anti-perseperant paydirt immediately and even then i was enrolled in the if-it-ain't-broke-don't-fix-it school of thought.

but during that enlightening 14th year, between bouts of intensive masterbation and acne concerns and searching exhaustively for pornographic magazines in hedges (don't ask) Lynx pulled the plug on Marine and i was fucked.

where to now? how will i smell? is Sure really as good as they say it is? all these questions and worries, and you know what? it was a real milestone in my life because for the first time i realized that things may change around me BUT I STAY THE SAME. I adapt and thive - it's evolution innit?

Currently i'm using Nivea For Men.