Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Alaska is weird

I'm at my filming destination of Delta Junction in Alaska!! It's known as the Friendly Frontier and has a population of around a thousand people of whom 350 are inbred!

It's a real weird town, people eat Buffalo Burgers and there are no chain stores at all, just weird little diners and strange shops that sell moose poo!

Filming has got off to a good start and can only get better as Alaska is frikkin beautiful, the scenery where we are is so beautiful, snow is on the ground and mountains are looking really cool, the only flaw is, is that it's bloody freezing!!! It was minus 18 today, i had about 20 layers on and still froze!!

So cold! Brrrr!


Katie said...

Oh oh did you not get enough layers from us??
It looks beautiful, wish i was there with you guys x said...

Have you tried moose poo... it's tasty, you'd love it.