Thursday, 11 October 2007

Your own Tissue Box!

For just $5, you can create a custom Kleenex Box

At that price point, the customization is clearly a marketing strategy for Kleenex… and I dig it!

The site describes, “Let Out Your Creative Juices! Create your own Kleenex® Oval tissue box and bring your personal style and vision to life. Celebrate a special occasion, feature a silly moment or simply show anything that makes you smile. Only $4.99 + shipping.”

Really cool idea and would make a great present

Only frickin problem is, is that they don't deliver in Europe!



Mr B. UM Cheeks said...

Actually I think the colours are a bit more gay than the fact they don't deliver to Europe, but if you want one let me know and I can get the delivery side of stuff sorted!

Gohir said...

I do want one, can you sort it out Mr Cheeks?

stephen nolan said...

yes indeed Cheeko the idea of Gohir praising pastel colours and then moaning about the 'gayness' of European delivery systems is in itself completely gay (said in context, clearly). On that note how does the young gay man refer to something which is wick, i.e gay? you can't have gay folk going round calling something gay in a derogatory they use 'straight' in that way, or 'hetero'...i heard that gay folks used to refer to straights as breeders which is quite amusing - but totally gay.

I'm really sad and put photos on tissue boxes to send to my boyfriend! said...

I totally just designed one and ordered it! It is so cool! Even if you don't order it, designing them is totally cool, give it a go!

Gohir this post has fulfilled my day, thank you dear boy, you really are pure genius!