Saturday, 6 October 2007

Spicy BeanBurger Update


Due to my extensive campaigning to BurgerKing they have reinstated the Spicy BeanBurger!
Truly the greatest burger in the BurgerKing arsenal!

I went to my local BurgerKing drive thru and ordered it!

It was Glorious!

That is all.


Laura said...

Roll out the barrel, We'll have a barrel of Bean Burgers!

Ronald MacDonald said...

Good, I'm sucker for a happy ending and this has been a epic tale deserving of such a, er happy finish. It's been an issue for about a year or so and I feel privileged to have been involved even in such a minimal and mocking capacity.
i always felt that it wasn't about the Bean Burger as such but that as the tale unravelled it was about one man's quest (Gohir) for truth and decency on this depraved meat-eating world. It was indeed an Odyssey of Homeresque proportions, an epic which would rival Milton himself and most of all a love story to get Jilly Cooper wet.
And like all the great stories we can learn something from Gohir's experiences:

1) Never give up HOPE.
2) LOYALTY will reward the, um, loyal.
3) Never diversify, if you love something never settle for less.

Brings a lump to the throat dunnit?

Anonymous said...

How to confuse Burger King's "you got it" staff - ask for a bean burger with bacon! Then tell them you are only a part-time veggie.