Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Wanker drivers and Johnny Adair

I've just driven from hollywood, Co Down (not america) to go to the bank in Belfast and the amount of wanker drivers on the road! Holy shit! i nearly got hit twice by dicks in their jeeps! what the hell! can they not see me? I am i insignificant in the G-mobile! (my mate simon came up with the name).
Why can't folk just take a second to glance out their side window so they don't hit me!

Anyway, i watched the Johnny Adair programme last night on Channel Five, it was presented by Donal McKintyre,
Really good programme, didn't go into as much detail as i wanted to see but was good to see what he is up to now that he has been forced out of Belfast!
The most interesting thing was that the support he has in other countries like Germany! there was a mad woman who worships him and has a shrine to him in her living room! what's that all about?
She wasn't to bad looking either!
Background on Adair
Johnny Adair (nickname: Mad Dog) was the leader of the notorious "C Company" of the loyalist paramilitary organisation Ulster Freedom Fighters, a cover name of the Ulster Defence Association. Adair was expelled from the organisation in 2002 following a violent power struggle. Since 2003, he, his family and a number of supporters have been forced to leave Northern Ireland by other loyalists.

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