Friday, 2 October 2009

My Dickey Ticker!

That's my new ticker down there to the left which tells me where people are from!

It's only new!


Jan Leenhouts said...

Hello Gohir!

I am Jan and I am from Holland. I am Dutch too. I very much liking of you blog, and becase you can now see that you have Dutch fan becase off these 'dickey ticker'. This is funny. My friend is Dyrk, he very much like Gohir blog too.

Cheers (yes i know Irish things!) or as we say in Holland - Itchyars!


Gohir said...

Thank you Jan, Your very much welcome!

Es muss ja mal gesagt werden, oder? said...

Hello Gophir, it´s nice to see who is visiting a blog. I never had visitors :-(