Friday, 20 February 2009

Another awesome vending machine!

Kit Kat bring Human Vending Machines to the Capital

Japan has already got the world hooked on sushi, tamigotchis and karaoke and now we are set to be wowed with the latest crazy Human Vending Machines – being brought to the UK by Kit Kat

KitKat Human Vending Machine
Rather than being victim to your favoured chocolate bar getting stuck in the mechanisms of a traditional vending machine; the Kit Kat Human Vending Machine is operated by an actual human ‘vendor.’ The consumer will experience the speed and efficiency of a normal vending machine, with the added bonus of having a person to chat to and physically hand them their chocolate treat.

The innovative vending machine is part of the latest Kit Kat® ‘Working Like a Machine’ campaign, which plays off the idea that people are overwhelmed with the monotony of everyday life and so need to take a break. Consumers better just hope the ‘vendor’ isn’t having his very own break should they need a chocolate break of their own.


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Keith Talent said...'s a fuckin' small shop yeah?

Carol Thatcher said...

jeez, it looks like medieval torture device...stocks for the 21st century. they should put rapists and paedos and culchies in this and make them serve us chocolate bars, repay their debt to society....

...and then they should just kill them.

Kitty Kat said...

Um... so you give someone money and they give you a kitkat... it's a shop!!

Frank said...

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