Sunday, 10 February 2008

Congrats to Rosa & Jason

Many of you remember my good friend Rosa of "Rosa Blogs" the now defunct blog i have a link too, Well for a while we all thought she batted for the other team even after we advertised for a man for her, you might remember she liked long walk and puppies!
Well nobody took her.

So Rosa faced with a challenge went out and found herself a man! and not just any man! Oh no she went and found herself "The Bolger" part man part machine!
Jason Bolger is a totally awesome dude and we're not to sure what he is doing with her! (we think she drugged him)

But they have been together for a while and Rosa even went to America to live with Jason and whilst out there our Rosa has decided to make an honest man out of him and now she is now known as Rosa Campbell-Blight-Bolger.

Cause, Oh yeah they have went out and just got Married!!

Well done dudes, Congratulations!

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Rosa said...

Thank you Gohir... you are a living legend... what an ace post... and it's all about me!! Just like the McFly song... Oh how I love McFly!!