Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Saturday Night

Hey Gang! Well i have been very lax on the old blogging front so I'll give you a quick run down on what's been happening!

On Saturday night me and Simon went to Sakura for some sushi, which i have to say was not to bad for Belfast, had a really nice time just chillin and catching up, Then we went down town and met up with me old mucker John and his bird as well as Dave and his sis and mate, we decided to venture into the old PottHouse for a wee boogie and drinkie poo!

I have to say it was a real good night! The PottHouse has been lacking for quite a while but in Saturday it was back on form with loads of people and some top totty which for some weird reason in Belfast only come out in the summer!

Had a really good time and everyone was drunk apart from me!

Oh and in the picture John is Freebasing!

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